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C.Me Monitor Arm

Are you getting the original products?

ThinkingWorks products are copied widely and often sold under the false guise of being one of our products! ThinkingWorks has taken successful legal action to deal with these problems, but we feel it is important to advise our supportive client base and new customers of the ways to spot cheap copies – these products are substandard in design and manufacturing processes and compromise our reputation as well as the products that are purchased by end users. To ensure you are specifying and purchasing the original products, be sure the supplier you are dealing with is in fact a supplier of ThinkingWorks products.

ThinkingWorks designed a unique outer beam brace in the shape of an eye which is used on the I.AM, Incognito and UR folding tables. The eye shaped outer beam brace now has a 3D Mark which means only the Thinking Works products can use this unique shaped beam brace. If the table you are purchasing has the 3D Mark shaped outer beam brace please check it is a ThinkingWorks table. If the table does have the 3D Mark shaped outer beam brace but is not from ThinkingWorks please contact our office so we can take the appropriate steps to protect ThinkingWorks intellectual property.

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The Original I.AM

I.AM Turn designed and manufactured by ThinkingWorks is the original I.AM product and offers a high-quality Australian Designed and market priced solution for tilt-top mobile tables.

UR Australian Designed

UR is Australian Designed by ThinkingWorks is an award winning environmentally considered product manufactured to the highest quality.

Trapeze Black Label

Trapeze Black Label is the latest finish available from ThinkingWorks. Black Label provides a lustrous and sophisticated finish that accentuates the architectural design of the Trapeze table system. Suited to high end executive settings, Trapeze Black Label will ensure that any office or boardroom has a distinctive edge.


Versatility at its finest, Incognito table and desk systems are able to accommodate tops of infinite length and are ideal for all work surface requirements. The dynamic base is suitable for desks, meeting tables, boardroom tables and occasional tables and is available in a variety of  finishes to meet the needs of any work environment.